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The Gupta suite of products meets today's global, cross-market demand for end-to-end, secure e-Business solutions. (formerly also known as Centura) Gupta Technologies LLC software development solutions enable Web-based business activities in many of the world's marketplaces, including insurance, financial, healthcare, sales force automation, warehouse and logistics management, hospitality services, emergency fields, and the government. By enabling secure real-time business, Gupta's products streamline and enhance mission-critical business processes around the world.

HyperSoft Technologies Limited, is a company with several years of experience in the usage and application of Gupta Products. As the sole Indian Sub-Continent Authorized Distribution Partner and Gupta License Services Provider we offer Technical Support Services from Gupta on all Gupta Products and Platforms.

SQLBase :

  • The only RDBMS that is unique from Desktop to Server. (Oracle (server) and Oracle Lite are different products as is Sybase and Ianywhere. SQLServer and MySQL are the same product but My SQL is a scaled down server version and very inefficient.
  • In high security requirements, SQLBase in encrypted mode is is the only cost effective way to ensure data security (and it's mobile too).
  • Has virtual zero cost of ownership, once license and maintenance fees are paid – no DBA/very small footprint/manages itself.
  • For ISV's, the unit cost of SQLBase can be very competitive compared to options such as MS Access etc.

The only one cost effective choice at the desktop/small server level (SQLBase).

SQLBase substantially outperforms most other databases, is very easy to use, has very low downtime and high flexibility. In fact, if both NT and NetWare are required, SQLBase is the only true fully-relational embedded database that shares a common code line for these platforms.

As importantly for any organization considering their options to "Go Web, Go Global, Go Mobile," SQLBase is the ideal solution.

SQLBase is the first relational database with zero administration and full database encryption. Other vendors only secure the connection between the server and the client, operating under the assumption that the data will be managed by a database administrator and stored in a safe manner once it reaches the client device. SQLBase protects the data from end-to-end, encrypting the database file whether it's just sitting on the server, being transferred from the server on the wire, or stored on a device, working offline.

Additionally SQLBase is available in a Embedded Deployment Package configuration: Gupta offers a variety of license options to suit the varying needs of its customers. Standard Server license packs of 5, 10, 25, 50 and unlimited-user are available. In addition, SQLBase Embedded (Develop & Deploy) Packaging provides a flexible scheme whereby the user can construct single user or server packs in any combination. e.g 2-user server; 3-user server; 7-user server. This packaging option means that the user only needs to license for the number of users required at any site and provides significant cost advantages over traditional packaging schemes where many sites of varying sizes are involved.

Team Developer: ( earlier also known as SQLWindows / CTD)

A 4GL tool capable of leveraging existing, backend data and systems while it allows you to create high-performance, strategic enterprise applications. Then you can integrate all the data and systems into winning e-Business solutions.•»No other tool lets you generate a production system as fast as TD. And Time is Money!

Creates robust, scalable, Internet-enabled applications. Gupta's productive, object-oriented, programming language (SAL - for Scalable Application Language) is ideal for creating high-performance enterprise applications that integrate the data and systems that run your business. Take advantage of technologies like COM, XML, OLE DB, Microsoft Transaction Server, and Active Server Pages to create powerful e-Business solutions that will work with development technologies in the future.

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Electronic Document Management

Documents and timely information are the currency of any successful business. Fact is, more information has been produced in the last 30 years than in the previous 5,000 — the entire history of civilization — and administering these documents has become a challenge for even the most advanced organizations.

An Electronic Document Management System is a computer-based system used for managing both electronic and paper-based documents. In simple terms, it allows you to store, search and retrieve digital versions of most any document — anytime, anywhere.

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Real-time data replication and data integration

With DBMoto, HiT Software brings real-time data replication and data integration with:

  • Low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Heterogeneous Database Support
  • Interoperability with Legacy Systems
  • Accelerated implementation/faster time to market
  • Non-proprietary and standards-based
  • High reliability and proven performance
  • Responsive, expert technical support

DBMoto performs refresh and real-time data replication for your enterprise server and desktop replication needs. All major database platforms such as IBM DB2 UDB (including Systemi5 / iSeries /AS400 and zOS), Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, Sybase ASE, SQL Anywhere, Cloudscape, MySQL, Informix, Ingres, PostgreSQL, Microsoft Access, Gupta SQLBase, Firebird and Solid are supported. In Refresh mode, DBMoto reads data, applies administrator-defined mapping rules, and writes the result on the target database. In Mirroring mode, DBMoto performs a real time incremental replication based on transaction logs. In Synchronization mode, DBMoto provides a way for source and target databases to be synchronized. Powerful, easy to use administration Wizards make setup a snap. And, unlike other data replication solutions, DBMoto offers unlimited control over data replication and transformation using scripting technology


Show-and-tell is the most effective way of communicating information from one person to another. No surprise, then, that with the explosion in computer-ownership worldwide, the humble screen recorder has become the best way to capture the total PC user experience - used to record and explain your every move on the computer…

Today's professional screen capture software is capable of recording exactly what is done on a computer screen, what a user says and how they interact with any Windows-based application or website.

BBFlashBack a leading Screen Capture and Recorder software from BlueBerry Software, UK, will be available in India from HyperSoft . The BB FlashBack range of screen recording software combines ease-of-use with sophisticated new technology.

The BB FlashBack range of screen recording software combines ease-of-use with sophisticated new technology. Its versatility across a range of industries makes it an ideal learning tool, especially in IT support, Sales and Marketing, Education and Training - in fact in any application where users want to record and share on-screen events and procedures.

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