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Migration from Legacy Systems


HyperSoft provides all types of legacy systems migration. While legacy systems fulfill a vital need within organizations, technology changes or the organization's growth may necessitate the migration of the legacy system or its data. HyperSoft works with you to determine the best approach and means for this migration.

An organization may desire to change the platform that the legacy system resides on, such as moving from a mainframe environment to a server environment. HyperSoft helps clients in all phases of this move and conversion including requirements specification, design, development and data conversion. This new platform may also require a change in the software and type of database. HyperSoft experience ensures that the functionality and data are still accessible and reliable. With our experience in other IT areas such as WAN/LAN support and IT Security we also help our clients safeguard against potential problems in the new environment.

In addition to legacy system platform changes, clients may need to web-enable a legacy system. HyperSoft helps clients choose the most effective and efficient means for web-enabling. Again, our experience in IT Security is essential to maintain data and system integrity.

In the current environment, it is often essential to migrate data from legacy systems to systems in other databases and on other platforms. HyperSoft has extensive experience in developing and facilitating both importing to and exporting from legacy systems. We develop means that are both flexible and user friendly.