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About Us

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HyperSoft Technologies Limited is a publicly traded Software Products and Professional IT Services company. Our activities range from our own financial and business applications products with hundreds of user installations, to Consultancy Services and Custom Software Development on a variety of Platforms.

Client/Server Software Development and cost-effective turnkey Database Applications, Web and Windows Rapid Application Development are our core areas. Our development and support teams offer a wide range of software consultancy and development services. Our solutions offer greater choices for application scalability, performance enhancement, reliability and security.


HyperSoft Technologies Limited builds speedy and cost-effective turnkey Web and Windows applications, database applications, web application services and web-commerce sites for the unique needs of individual clients worldwide. We take the time and make the effort to understand your needs, and turn your ideas into working solutions effectively and efficiently.


At HyperSoft we assume overall responsibility for the successful completion of entire project on time and to high standards. Perhaps our most significant contribution, in this age of continual change, is our understanding of the value of relationships -- the need to be responsive and reliable, a true partner to our customers.

The nature of changes in the working environment demands that any organization adopt dynamic policies and move with the times. This makes process and business re-engineering a necessity to embrace contemporary management tools keeping in mind the needs of the future. This is an area where HyperSoft Technologies Limited has been able to provide specialized and crucial services and solutions.

HyperSoft provides cost effective and efficient solutions and consultancy to customers in market segments such as :

  • Securities Management and Stock Broking.
  • Business application development 
  • Manufacturing and ERP systems 
  • Business Process Reengineering.
  • Textile industries.
  • Manufacturing, Wholesale and Retail selling.
  • Conversion of Legacy Systems to Client Server Platforms.
  • Online Accounting 
  • BPO operations and VoIP Based Call Center solutions

HyperSoft also provides packaged solutions in the areas of :

  • Stock Broking and Commodities Trading
  • Portfolio Management
  • Fixed Asset Management and Inventory Management.
  • Human Resources Management and Payroll Systems.
  • Marketing and Finance.
  • Newspaper and Publishing Account Tracking Software.
  • Medical and Hospital Management
  • Supply Chain Management.
  • Service Call Management.
  • E-Retail.

This does not limit our capabilities. If you have a software solution or idea in mind, work with us to build a targeted solution to meet your needs. Explore our innovative approach to a Software Solutions.