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HTL T-90 Driving Simulator

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Tank T-90 Driving Simulator trains recruits into skilled drivers.

The simulator is housed in container to make it a plug-and-play type and environment-friendly. The simulator can be transported on an Ashok Leyland Stallion. It can on run power from a 3-phase mains or equivalent generator. The simulator is rugged, weather proof and is air-conditioned to be ready for training day in and out and almost all around the year.

Computer graphic terrains, variable lighting and visibility conditions are provided for training. Motion Platform driven by related terrain and vehicle dynamics, offers the motion feel the trainee is likely to experience when he is in a similar driving condition in real life on an original Tank.

Features and major components of the equipment:

  • Individual training controlled by an instructor
  • Driving feel simulated through a 6 degrees Motion Platform
  • Duplicated controls, devices and indicators of the Driver Cabin
  • System generated battlefield sounds
  • CGI-based scenarios
  • Realistic sound simulation
  • A wide variety of Indian located terrains
  • Environmental effects like Day, Night, Fog, Rain etc
  • Audio communication between instructor and trainee.
  • Different types of reports
  • Printing reports facility